Case study research methodology yin

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The diversity of patterns subsequently adds diversity to work and description. Case study research can be used to study a range of topics and purposes (SIMONS, ; STAKE, ; STEWART, ) however, the essential requisite for employing case study stems from one's motivation to illuminate understanding of complex phenomena (MERRIAM, ; STAKE, ; YIN.

Case study as a research method Zaidah Zainal [email protected] of individuals as the subjects of study.

Case study

Case studies, in their true essence, explore and. case study as a research method 2 case study as a research method 4 Yin () cautions researchers against any attempt to separate these categories or to conceive. Different types of case study research methods. In business research, four common case study approaches are distinguished.

First, there is the "no theory first" type of case study design, which is closely connected to Kathleen M. Eisenhardt's methodological work. The second type of research design is about "gaps and holes", following Robert K. Yin's guidelines and making positivist assumptions. Case study research can be used to study a range of topics and purposes (SIMONS, ; STAKE, ; STEWART, ) however, the essential requisite for employing case study stems from one's motivation to illuminate understanding of complex phenomena (MERRIAM, ; STAKE, ; YIN, ).

The case study is but one of several ways of doing social science research. Other ways include experiments, surveys, histories, and the analysis of ar­ chival information (as in economic studies).

Robert K. Yin COSMOS Corporation. Robert K. Yin is President of COSMOS Corporation, an applied research and social science firm. Over the years, COSMOS has successfully completed hundreds of projects for federal agencies, state .

Case study research methodology yin
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