Hiv aids summary of research study

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Impact of AIDS on older people in Africa

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AIDS Study Finds Microbicide Containing HIV Drug Lowers Infection Risk In Women By 39%. Jul 20, A microbicide gel containing Gilead’s HIV drug tenofovir used by women before and. This study assesses the impact of HIV/AIDS educational programs on knowledge levels about HIV/AIDS transmission in a rural Ugandan community.

More specifically, this study addresses the following research questions: (1) Do HIV/AIDS education programs effectively teach about the heterosexual transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS? Clinical Trials Use the AIDS info clinical trial search to produce a list of HIV/AIDS clinical trials in the area of research that interests you.

Click on the title of any trial in the list to see the trial summary with more information about the study. HIV & AIDS: Ethical Considerations.

The iPrEx study

exist before they agree to participate in the research study. Lesson Summary.

The History of HIV and AIDS in the United States

HIV, the acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a terminal disease caused. Permission to undertake this study was granted by the [End Page 59] Australian National University (ANU), Ministry of Health (MOH) in Zambia and the Network of Zambian People living with HIV/AIDS (NZP+).

This purposive cross-sectional study was conducted in Lusaka and North Western Provinces. Topic: HIV/AIDS - Awareness & Prevention - Lesson Summary | en - - Learn about the spread of HIV and AIDS and about common misconceptions and false understandings about HIV and AIDS and the truth behind those misconceptions.

Hiv aids summary of research study
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