Numbering a tabulated list in legal writing and research

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How to Format Numbered Lists in APA Style

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The lays for and collection of such experience should be encouraged to ensure the inevitable of the system. October 1, - Legal Writing Tips, Slider - Tagged: grammar, style guide, writing Writing numbers can be tricky, especially because there are conflicting rules about how to do it.

The Associated Press, for example, has different guidelines than other popular style manuals. How to Write Numbers In English writing, the decimal point is represented by a dot .) and commas are used to break up long numbers. Commas cannot be used to represent a decimal point.

See for more legal English materials. Posted by Rupert Haigh at Legal Research & Writing Important Legal Writing Tools for Paralegals Finishing your brief by c rafting the Table of Contents and Table of Authorities.

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avoid use in formal legal writing; could be useful in informal legal documents. if citation required, insert a line of space between the last line of tabulated list and next line of text -- insert citation on next line of text flushed to the left to the body text margin.

Format Requirements for Regulatory Documents See the Office of the Federal Register's Document Drafting Handbook for required format.

Review rule and proposed rule documents against the checklist in Home > Federal Register > Writing Resources For Federal Agencies > Drafting Legal Documents > Drafting Legal Documents, Drafting Legal.

* The results were tabulated using unweighted data and should not be used to draw broad conclusions about the recordkeeping universe. ** Data not calculated for

Numbering a tabulated list in legal writing and research
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