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Use an Apple Remote to move through your slide show

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How to Play a PowerPoint Slideshow on TV

Advanced Interactivity PowerPoint can go beyond offending hyperlinks and simulate dynamic behavior, such as mouseover knows for a Rich Internet Middle. powerpoint remote control (14 items found) SORT BY: Narrow By: clear all Wireless connectivity offers remote PowerPoint presentation controls; Logitech advanced presentation remote with on screen pointers combines the features of a pointer with the functions and accuracy of a mouse.

When you end your slideshow from either your iPhone or your Mac, it closes on the other device. Although you can import your PowerPoint presentations into Keynote, i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote gives you another option.

The lite version is free and the full version costs $ BEBONCOOL RF GHz Wireless Presenter Remote Presentation USB Control PowerPoint PPT Clicker.

On the Slide Show tab, in the Start Slide Show group, click Broadcast Slide Show. The Broadcast Slide Show dialog box opens.

Interactive Prototypes with PowerPoint

About 3 months ago, I switched to a powerpoint remote control app with my iphone from the physical powerpoint clicker, which is called PPT Remote(PPT Remote Pro: Presentation controller for Powerpoint and Keynote on the App Store).As a teacher in school, this PPT Remote acts like my partner in teaching.

Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro Convert PowerPoint to DVD or Video Play PowerPoint on TV with DVD Player. Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro is the first program that enables users to convert PowerPoint presentations to DVD movies or popular video formats and even HD final output will retain all features from the original PowerPoint presentations, such as animations, transitions, sounds, and .

Slideshow remote for powerpoint
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